The ABCs of this Breastfeeding Blog

Breastfeeding is widely promoted as being the best nutrition for a newborn baby. Since I am currently studying Life Span nutrition, and I also am expecting a baby in one month’s time, I thought that these two events would provide the perfect backdrop to a breastfeeding nutrition blog. My coursework provides me with a lot of detailed information about lactation that would not be covered in standard information provided by lactation consultants. Additionally, my initial experiences will provide realistic perspectives on breastfeeding that only experience can provide. I would be able to share with the world both the background information to breastfeeding that I am learning, combined with my own experiences after my baby arrives and I attempt to follow the guidelines.

The topics I wanted to cover include:

  • International breastfeeding recommendations.
  • Recommended energy intakes during lactation and how it is calculated.
  • Breast milk composition and how it is modified by the diet.
  • A closer look at the evidence behind the benefits of breastfeeding.
  • My own experiences putting the guidelines into practise.

So visit regularly for my insights into nutrition for lactation!

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