About me

My name is Julia Bird and I started this blog as part of “Life Span Nutrition” course at Kansas State University. On the day I started my blog, September 25, I was 8 months pregnant and I thought that a breastfeeding blog may tie part of my coursework in with my own life span events.

At the time I lived in New Jersey, USA, together with my husband and soon-to-be-born daughter. I moved to the Netherlands when my daughter was 2, and now I have a son as well. I breastfed my daughter exclusively for over 2 years, and my son now for 1 year and still going strong. Yet, I support women to make their own infant feeding choices and I understand that not everyone is in the same position as I am with a good supply, healthy infants, supporting family and flexible work situation to be able to breastfeed long term.

I have a Masters of Public Health and a few publications on nutrient inadequacies. The company I work for sells bulk vitamins, nutritional lipids and nutraceutical products and I am in the research department, so I come in contact with nutrition-related topics all the time. I am originally from Australia and I have also lived in the Netherlands and Switzerland, so I hope to bring an international flavour to the topic of breastfeeding!

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