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How to combine breastfeeding with business travel

Breastfeeding has many advantages. One of them is not the ability to mix well with business travel. I have been able to combine business travel with breastfeeding, and I thought I would share some tips. Building up a frozen stash before … Continue reading

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Reply to commentary on ELF study

There was a study published a little while ago showing that early, limited formula feeding (ELF) was associated with increased breastfeeding rates in older infants, and not by a little bit. Although it was small, I was impressed with the results, … Continue reading

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Effect of frequency of breastfeeding on milk production

Breastfeeding my daughter is now well established at 3 1/2 weeks and I am confident we can continue to reach the goal of 6 months exclusive breastfeeding. I have not had any issues breastfeeding at all (after the nipple trauma … Continue reading

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International comparison of breastfeeding recommendations

I thought I would use my international experience to compare breastfeeding recommendations from different countries. I looked up various governmental health organisations and had a look at what they suggest for nursing. And the strange thing is…it is all very … Continue reading

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Baby formula advertising – breastfeeding’s foe?

At a certain stage during my pregnancy, I must have landed on a general advertiser’s mailing list tagged as an expectant mother. All of a sudden, the supermarket started printing out vouchers for special deals on infant formula, and samples started … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding: my journey begins

My little girl was born last Thursday so it was time to test out what it is like for mothers when they start breastfeeding for the first time. The first recommendation is to initiate breastfeeding within the first hour after … Continue reading

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How to get essential fatty acids in breast milk?

As I am still waiting for my little one to make her grand entrance, I thought I would look into detail at a nutrient found in breast milk that seems to be getting a lot of media attention at the moment … Continue reading

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